Pray for Our Nation

Please watch this video… let’s agree in prayer over the points Dutch calls to… they will be listed below for your convenience.


Pray against attacks and accusations and for evil to be exposed.

Pray for Judge Kavanaugh’s family and for his confirmation.

Ask God to give us the breakthrough in the Supreme Court we have been requesting for decades – a majority of justices who are constitutionalist literalists (meaning they believe the Constitution should be taken literally, exactly as it is written), and who are pro-life. Boldly ask Him for another vacancy on the court soon.

Pray regarding the midterm elections occurring on November 6th.

Pray for a supernatural, powerful, and merciful intervention by God in these elections.

Ask Holy Spirit for his mercy toward our nation, appeal to HIm for His assistance in our attempt to turn America. Petition to HIm for the assistance of angels.

Pray that evil would not prevail. Ask Holy Spirit to confuse and thwart the plans of those who oppose Him.

Pray for President Trump and other leaders in our nation who are standing for life and for America’s God-given destiny.

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