Scripture Words Are Back Again!

Hello everyone! ¬†It’s Philip – So Pastor Leslie meant to talk to us about this during service today, but we can see how the Lord had different plans. Our scripture words that we did previously are important to the Lord, and to all of us too. Pastor Leslie has many things she already handles for service and such, so she asked me to be the first to start in a rotation of different people heading up the scripture words sessions.

They will be a little different this time. We will work with one scripture word for two weeks. In the beginning of the week, we’ll get a post with the scripture word. Just like before, we all post a scripture that has the word in it. Then in the middle of the week there will be an action for us associated with our word for that week. Then in the second week we will get a posting with the prayer video. If you have any questions, go ahead and post them here in a comment. Our next scripture word will be posted here soon.

Let’s launch out!

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